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Want a low-impact form of exercise to reduce stress, increase health benefits, and learn self-defense? Tai Chi is a martial art well known for its self-defense forms and health benefits. It is meditation in motion and promotes slow deliberate movement that unblocks the "Qi", an energy force that flows through the body. The theory behind Tai Chi is to balance the Ying and Yang energies, which together form a harmonious and healthful balance within the body. As a physical exercise, Tai Chi increases muscle strength, balance and flexibility. This class is open to adults of all ages and children above 7 years.


There are 4 different main Tai Chi styles, and Wu Yi Shaolin focuses on the Wu style. According to Master Lee, "The postures [of Wu style Tai Chi] are compact but not crowded.  The tempo is slow, even, light, and rounded with the internal feelings of substantial versus insubstantial, and absolute void or receptiveness.  Energy is compressed in spiral movements to feel the connection with the gravitational force.  All this, along with the correct postures of Master Wu Chien Chuan, is essential to achieve the most important internal force of Wu-style Tai Chi.  This is the method of heart.  The central equilibrium is the force of the earth which enables our head to support the Tai Chi, our arms to embrace the eight trigrams, and our feet to step on the five elements." Please click here to learn more about the lineage, history and details of the style

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