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Awards & Competition


The various teams have completed many competitions. We always win lots of medals in Kung Fu and Tai Chi form, Sparring and Push Hands. 


Please check out the Gallery for past event pictures!

Community Events


Our next big event is our annual Chinese New Year Banquet which will be held on March 3rd. This will be held in the Grand Ballroom  at the Pearl Restaurant in New Asia Time Square in Grand Prairie.

This is a yearly event and we will have teachers and students from our sister schools from Atlanta, New Orleans and many other places attend this event.


We usually have about 500 students and family in attendance! There is always great food and various performance including Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Kung Fu forms, Tai Chi forms and Brick Breaking! 

Come join us with your families and friends to help us celebrate this auspicious event. Contact the school for tickets!


Please check out the Gallery for past event pictures!





Next Belt Test will be announced soon.



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