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Want your kids to learn self-discipline and confidence, and be part of a martial arts family? Kung Fu is one of the best physical activities for kids living in a sedentary age. It is a martial art form that teaches kids self-discipline, increases their self-esteem, and provides a friendly environment for your kids to socialize with other kids of the same age. The techniques and strategies of Kung Fu provide your kids comprehensive self-defense, and the process of Kung Fu training cultivates respect for one's instructors and ones self, and brings balance to mind and body.


Kung Fu will teach you the principles of self-defense and will increase your physical capability and your mental awarness. The fighting forms improve your balance, coordination, and power as they are taught and then reinforced through constant repetition. More complex forms are introduced once the old forms are mastered, keeping you on your feet as you constantly learn new material. Kung Fu is an art that rejuvenates and strengthens the body, mind and spirit, and can keep all three in peak condition well into old age.


The style of Kung Fu that the school focuses on is called My Jhong Law Horn. According to Master Lee: "This fighting prowess is based on deception and mobility.  These principles are reflected in the versatile use of the hands and feet, which are characterized by markedly fleeting movements coupled with nimble jumps and shrewd attacks."  To read more about this style please visit here. You can also check out the history of this style here.

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