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Master - Sifu Henry Su


Dr. Henry Su was first introduced to My Jhong Law Horn Kung Fu by Grandmaster Johnny Lee Kwong Ming and became his student.  Since 1985, Dr. Su has continued to study “My Jhong Law Horn” Kung Fu, “Wu Style” Tai Chi Chuan, and “Dragon Shaped” Pa Kua Chang under Grandmaster Lee.  His greatest joy in practicing these martial arts is sharing this precious art with those interested and helping to improve their lives.  On this journey, Dr. Su has trained several students to national titles in both Kung Fu and Tai Chi and future leaders in promoting these martial arts.  In addition to martial arts, Dr. Su was a Research Scientist and Professor of Microbiology.  He also enjoys jamming on his bass guitar with friends.

Chief - Sifu John Su


Sifu John Su began his training in the martial arts at the age of four. He was introduced to My Jhong Law Horn Kung Fu by Sifu Henry and Grandmaster Lee. Sifu John achieved the ranking of 3rd degree black belt from Grandmaster Lee. A distinguished competitor, he is an 8-Time World Champion and is featured on ESPN. In October, 2006 Sifu John won a gold in the Second World Traditional Wushu Championships in Zhengzhou, China for Lou Han Chuen (bare-hand routine) and bronze in double flexible weapons with his chain whip routine. In addition to martial arts accomplishments, he earned his bachelors degree in Management Information Systems from UT-Dallas and MBA from UT-Austin. 

Sifu Alex Campolo


Alex Campolo started Tai Chi and Kung Fu with Sifu Henry at North Lake College in the Spring of 2003. He enrolled in the Wu Yi school to continue his study. He was there at Wu Yi's first belt test and went on to become the Wu Yi school's first black belt in 2012. Alex is one of the Kung Fu school's primary instructors, a demo team coordinator, and a major competitor on the ICMAC circuit. He has many local and regional titles in addition to being a three time world champion in the men's forms divisions. He received his Masters in Business Administration at the University of North Texas and spends his time outside of Kung Fu as a financial analyst and real estate manager.

Black Belts

Allison Campolo started Kung Fu with Sifu Henry (and her mom, Shirley Thompson) at North Lake College and Master Lee's Richardson school in the Spring of 2003.  She was thrilled to be asked to be on the team to help open and teach classes at the Wu Yi School in Coppell in February 2004. She has earned many regional and national titles on the ICMAC circuit in both forms and light contact sparring. Allison is also three time world champion in the women's heavy weight sparring division. She earned her black belt in December of 2013. 

Shirley Thompson, the math department chairperson at North Lake College, has been studying Wu Style Tai Chi for over ten years.   She's been coaching and teaching a variety of other sports for more than 40 years.  A student of Dr. Henry Su since 2000, she also studies Tai Chi under Dr. Su's instructor, Grandmaster Johnny Lee. Shirley earned her black belt in 2016. You will usually find her enjoying her family, good restaurants, her animals, travel, and small building projects in her off hours. 


Mike McGrew, Sihing Mike has had a deep love of martial arts that started as a teenager while watching Blackbelt Theater on Saturday mornings. Sihing Mike studied martial arts styles, including Kung Fu, Wushu, Aikido, and Shaolin Kempo Karate. Mike has won numerous state and national martial arts tournaments. He earned his black belt in 2018. In addition to his martial arts studies, Mike is an IT Manager, and when not practicing Kung Fu, he enjoys spending quality time with family.

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